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Adding a tile wall to your bathroom drywall is a great way to breathe new life into space. Considering the climatic conditions in Melbourne, Repair Drywalls in your bathroom before it’s too late. Not only will a tile wall look great, but it also has durable and long-lasting qualities.

However, adding the right kind of drywall board behind the tile can be challenging, especially considering all the moisture the wall will have to withstand over the course of its life.

Luckily, there are a few types of drywall that are perfect matches for any shower

Common scenario

In most cases, it has been seen that tile installed over drywall in shower/wet areas often gets leaned inwards when users push them in with their hands. In some cases, the tiles even fall off the wall or become ‘squishy. So, it all ends in the installation method.

There are many methods of tile installation which are considered as bad practice by the tile contractors in Melbourne. It may be cheap but costs you more in the long run. There is no other benefit than cost.

Many of the installations have water damage in the wall, on the studs, wet drywall, spots of mold/mildew in the wall, ants, and water-loving bugs present in the wall. Another issue is that at the bottom of the tiled shower wall (where the shower base is caulked against the shower wall), there is an endless black discoloring of the caulking.

Even if you re-caulk this joint, in just a few months the caulk discolors and turns black again. The problem is that water does seep through grout joints and gets the drywall damp. This constant wetness with repeated showers every day doesn’t allow anything to ever dry out.

Regular drywall

Regular drywall can be used as a base for tiles in a shower, but only as an absolute last resort. Even in the best of scenarios, the tile and grout will eventually wear down, leaving behind a clear route for water to seep through and soak into the drywall.

If you have to use regular drywall, then a water barrier must be inserted behind the drywall and the wall frames. This is done to help prevent water from damaging the structure of the wall. Additionally, using regular drywall can compromise the integrity of the tile as water will disintegrate the drywall.

Installing tiles on drywall

Installing tiles on drywall is one task that requires a good amount of prep work to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible and minimize any potential issues. There are various things to consider and certain processes to follow to make sure that all your effort won’t eventually go to waste. To stay on the best side, consider hiring an expert who is a construction service provider in Melbourne.

It is better to invest in a small amount than to waste the entire cost of DIY and time consumed in the same.

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