All that you need to know about 5 different types of drywall repairs

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All that you need to know about 5 different types of drywall repairs

Drywalls are subject to different types of damages, but you can get those repaired and bring back their pristine look.  Here are five most common drywall damages and repairs that you should know.

Furniture marks

Furniture often leaves marks when it is pressed up against the drywall for many years. There are easy repair drywall ways to get rid of these annoying marks. You can use a slightly wet sponge to remove these marks. But if the marks are still visible you can apply a coat of wallpaper or paint after cleaning the drywall to cover a long-term impression. Next time you should keep a little space between your drywall and furniture to avoid further furniture marks.

Damage from the door handle

Door handles cause holes in your drywall when they are being slammed into the wall repeatedly. This is a very common thing in homes with children. The repair drywall method for this type of damage is sanding, patching, and repainting. You can also install a backplate to ensure this type of drywall damage won’t take place again. A door handle cover will also make the impact softer and the damage will be less severe.

Damage due to nail holes

Nail hole damages usually occur when you just shift to a new house, or you make changes to your decor. This type of drywall damage is not severe, and it is very easy to repair. By filling the holes, sanding the affected area, and repainting you can get the repair job done. No visitors in your house will ever know that there were any nail holes and your drywall will appear as bright as new.

Drywall cracks

Cracks are one of the more significant drywall damages. No matter how small a crack is, you shouldn’t overlook it because it can grow bigger and result in hefty repair expenses. To repair this type of drywall you first have to know the reason behind it. Usually, change of season, humidity, or temperature fluctuations can cause drywall cracks. Structural flaws like framing deterioration can also be the cause behind cracks. Depending upon the level of severity of cracks you can either use a joint compound or get in touch with a repair drywall specialist for more comprehensive repairs.

Damage due to water

This type of drywall damage is very serious, and you should resolve the issue at the earliest. Water-damaged drywalls are soft and appear discoloured. If the damage is widespread you should get in contact with a repair drywall expert to take care of the problem. However, if the damage affects a small area of your drywall you can repair it yourself and change the entire drywall when you are done. You need to attach Dry Clip to the new drywall, use mud, sand, and paint to get a spotless look.

It is advisable that you talk to a repair drywall professional in case your drywall has any major damage and get it repaired as soon as you can.


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